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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Learjet 45XR LX-LAA Air Ambulance Double Stretcher


Our learjets feature the winglets that damp the vortex with consequent drag reduction.

Learjet 45XR LAA

LearJet 45XR LAAThe Learjet 45XR requires only a very short refuelling time, the usual fuel stop is +/- 30 minutes. The aircraft can take off from short airfields allowing it to land at airports closer to the hospital and minimizing the ground travel time for the patient. The Learjet45XR design incorporates easy and safe loading of patients.

The large cabin space provides easier access to the patient for medical crews and more comfort for patient and passengers. Curtains provide improved hygiene and allow for privacy to separate patients or to provide a cabin for family members, who can use separate bathroom facilities.

The aircraft also features an auxiliary power unit to regulate air conditioning in the cabin, even when the turbines are not operating, thus providing additional comfort to patients and medical crews when the aircraft is in stationary mode.

LearJet 45XR LAA interior

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