EAA mission and values - What we believe in and Why we do it



Our mission is to save human lives and to maintain the health of patients by offering a global 24-hour, non-stop air ambulance service that applies the highest standards of safety and quality.


Our vision is to be the sector leader by constantly providing state-of-the-art air medical services to our clients and patients.

Our values - What we believe in

  • Patients, Partners, Customers
    «Patients are our “raison d’être”»
    By focussing on the needs and requirements of our patients, partners and customers, we fulfil our mission and generate additional values for all.
  • Leadership
    «Passion to lead»
    By setting clear objectives we create new value.
  • Professionalism
    «Always professional»
    Even in most complicated and dangerous situations we act with the utmost competence.
  • Trust
    «Dare to share»
    By growing in trust we make progress. We trust and respect each others’ role.
  • Team spirit
    «One mind, one heart»
    By working together we draw on our strengths. We work all for one and one for all to succeed.

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