Regular checks and maintenance services for our aircraft


Regular checks and maintenance services compliant with authority regulations

The Luxembourg Air Ambulance (LAA) fleet or aircraft used for European Air Ambulance (EAA) missions is maintained to the highest technical standards, as required by EASA and recommended by ICAO.

Continuous airworthiness management by LAA’s CAMO+ (LU.MG.07) - which is approved and audited by the Luxembourgish Civil Aviation Authority DACL (Direction de l’Aviation Civile Luxembourg) - ensures compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Line and light base maintenance is carried out by our own Luxembourg Air Ambulance technical department, which operates in a modern, fully-equipped hangar with several workshops, dedicated stock and an extensive parts inventory. All members of the maintenance staff are fully trained on the aircraft types we operate.

Our LAA team keep in regular contact with the airframe and engine manufacturers, implementing all upgrades, recommendations and airworthiness service bulletins. Careful and attentive maintenance by our licenced technicians - who provide 24/7 technical support in Luxembourg and on-site under EASA approval LU.145.0009 – ensures absolute reliability.

Larger base maintenance activities have been sub-contracted to approved by Bombardier-Learjet Maintenance facilities.

Regular maintenance inspections are carried out in compliance with aviation authority regulations and requirements, and in line with all manufacturers’ guidelines.

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