Air Ambulance Repatriation Services Worldwide


Air Ambulance Repatriation Service - Worldwide

European Air Ambulance offers repatriation services including:

  • 1 physician and 1 flight nurse
  • medical pre-flight clearance with physician-to-physician consultation
  • bed-to-bed transfer of the patient
  • organisation of ground ambulance transportation at both ends of the flight
  • full post-mission medical report from the treating physician

Double Stretcher Option

Full double stretcher air ambulance aircraft capable of transporting two intensive care patients simultaneously.

Dedicated air ambulance aircraft – the best choice for patient repatriation

The repatriation of severely ill or critically injured patients can be complicated and delicate at the best of times, but the whole process can be made less stressful by using a service with dedicated air ambulance aircraft.

Using fully professional teams on the ground and highly trained mission crews, air ambulance services such as European Air Ambulance (EAA) have the experience, and the necessary equipment to ensure the optimal safety and comfort of the patient during repatriation. 

Fully equipped

The dedicated air ambulance aircraft are fitted with state of the art medical equipment – ranging from a defibrillator to monitoring system and a vacuum mattress – and carries a comfortable reserve of oxygen. An auxiliary power unit can keep the air conditioning running even when the engines are not in power mode, thus maximizing comfort for passengers, patients and medical crews. What’s more, the aircraft is designed for speed and easy access – it has a very short refueling time make a fuel-stop possible in less than 30 minutes and its specifications also allow it to take off from short airfields, meaning it can land at airports close to the hospital where the patient is being cared for, thus minimizing ground travel time.

Peace of mind

Safety is also an important feature; our aircraft are certified to the safety standards of modern airliners and is equipped with a satellite phone that enables the crew to maintain contact worldwide during the flight.

Ensuring the patient’s health remains stable during transport from pickup hospital to destination is a priority for EAA. Its air ambulance aircraft are crewed by a highly experienced medical team including a physician and a nurse. The teams are also multilingual, which allows them to communicate with patients, relatives and receiving medical staff – another essential factor in EAA’s mission to provide peace of mind to all involved in patient repatriation.

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