Rescue helicopters serving Germany and Luxembourg


Rescue Helicopters

The main task of the rescue helicopters consists above all of taking a qualified emergency doctor as quickly as possible to a seriously injured or ill person, since the time factor plays a decisive role in any rescue service. By shortening the time at which therapy can be made available it is possible to reduce later complications. According to expert opinion the first 15 minutes are decisive for life or death. For this reason the helicopters are integrated into the national rescue service.

These rescue helicopters also perform hospital to hospital transfer for critically ill patients who need a secondary transfer with the greatest level of medical care in the shortest amount of time, avoiding traffic jams and bumpy ground transportation.

The rescue helicopters avoid unnecessary transfer of patients from one mean of transportation to the next as they can land directly on or next to the hospital. Most hospitals have a helipad allowing the helicopter to land on the roof or in front of the hospital and giving the possibility to bring the patient directly from the hospital into the helicopter.

All helicopter transfer are crewed with a specialised physician and flight nurse.

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