Humanitarian Missions Services through European Air Ambulance Assets


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Luxembourg Air Ambulance, the aircraft operator of the EAA brand, is a founding partner of - a mobile, satellite-based telecommunications platform providing internet and phone connections to support humanitarian organisations working in disaster zones.

Funded by the Luxembourg government and available at no cost to the international aid community, allows equipment and personnel to be deployed to affected areas within 12 hours – ensuring lifesaving efforts can be co-ordinated in the immediate aftermath of a large-scale disaster.

A public-private partnership, the system was developed in close collaboration with the World Food Programme (WFP), and to date has been deployed in nearly 20 countries including Haiti, Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Nepal and Syria.

The first contract was signed in 2011, then extended in 2014 – and following the latest agreement in December 2020, will now run until 2026.

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