The European Air Ambulance Operations Control Center

EAA’s Operations Control Center works for assistance companies, hospitals, insurance companies, embassies, administrative bodies, companies and individuals.

The experienced team at the EAAs Operation Control Centre organises the aviation and medical logistics of the worldwide missions. They are the central point of contact during a mission and are the link between all parties. They are responsible for delivering all services to the client.

The tasks of the Operations Control Centre (OCC)

  • Calculating and sending out quotations to the client. On a general basis the client receives a quotation within 30 minutes of a request submission.
  • Organisation of international patient transports on board Air Ambulance aircraft.
  • International airline flights networking with Air Ambulance organisations on all continents.
  • Flight tracking and maintaining constant contact with the client about the development of the mission.

The logistics of an international Air Ambulance flight

For every mission all medical details have to be clarified:

  • When they are alerted, the OCC collects patient and hospital data and consults a physician.
  • The physician communicates with the patient's doctor to discuss various medical aspects, such as what kind of illness or injury the patient is suffering and whether the patient is in a position to be transported.
  • Afterwards, the OCC informs the appropriate medical crew who will accompany the flight, as well as the pilots on call about the upcoming mission.
  • The OCC also organises the complete transport of the patient from hospital bed to hospital bed, including ground transportation.

At the same time OCC prepares all flight details including over-flight rights, landing permission, fuel stops and other extensive information.

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