Factsheet Learjet 45XR as EAA Air Ambulance Aircraft

Factsheet Learjet 45XR as EAA Air Ambulance Aircraft

  • Short fuel stop of only +/- 30 min due to single point refuelling capability
  • Short landing distances enabling the use of smaller airfields closer to the hospitals, reducing the ground transportation time for patients
  • Take off even in hot temperatures, especially important for missions out of Africa.
  • Take-off with more fuel which avoids additional fuel stop
  • Highest standards in production and certification
  • Windshield defogging system suitable for all ambient conditions
  • Auxiliary Power Unit offers the possibility to pre-heat / pre-cool the cabin for patient/passenger comfort and maintain constant temperature during fuel stop.
  • Flexible aircraft configuration: capability to carry 2 intensive care patients or 1 patient with up to 4 additional passengers
  • Stretcher system certified for patients up to 200 kg
  • Large cabin space; sufficient for medical crew, patient and passenger
  • High Baggage loading capability: space to fit at least 2 big suitcases
  • Separate lavatory with flushing toilet
  • Satellite phone provides ability to reach the crew worldwide during the flight
  • Certified safety standards identical to most modern airliner, i.e. Boeing 777

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