Challenger 605 - Medical configuration

Medical Team

All missions accomplished with the Challenger 605 are staffed with a medical team composed of 1 physician and 1 flight nurse and up to 4 accompanying passengers. The EAA medical team is able to transport several patients simultaneously. The larger aircraft allows also to take more specialised medical equipment for critical ICU patients.

Medical Capacities 

  • Intensive care patients with specialised equipment
  • Transportation of more patients simultaneously 
  • Covid-19 patients in isolation units
  • Able to transport women with a high risk pregnancy and an additional incubator
  • Able to transport two incubators (e.g. for twins)
  • Able to repatriate families involved in casualty together 
  • More space for ECMO transports
  • Overweight patients 
  • Up to 4 relatives

Medical Equipment

  • Oxygen: up to 14,000 available on board
  • HAMILTON-T1® transport ventilator 
  • Corpuls3 Monitor/Defibrillator
  • MediPrema N.I.T.E.® Incubator 
  • Infectious Disease Unit
  • Epi- Shuttle 


Generous luggage regulations for patients an accompanying people 


Separate lavatory in the aircraft

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