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The Challenger 605: A long-term investment that will pay off for EAA’s clients and partners

2021 July 13

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In recent weeks we at European Air Ambulance have been proud to announce the latest investment in our fleet – a larger, longer-range Challenger 605 – and to update you on our plans.

We would like to give you now some more details about how the new aircraft will benefit our valued clients and trusted partners, and how this major investment will bring cost-savings in the long-run.

Investing in the future

The CL-605 is a significant investment by EAA.

At more than double the price tag of a mid-size jet, and with higher associated maintenance costs, you may wonder how it will end up being more economical.

While the CL-605 settles in operationally, the truth is that a mission executed using it will cost more than a like-for-like mission in one of the smaller jets – however, there will be many situations when the new aircraft will be by far the more cost-effective option.

Speed: The quicker the repatriation, the sooner a patient can be transferred to a medical facility that offers the appropriate level of care for their needs – which in many cases will ultimately reduce the length and associated costs of the hospitalisation period.

Duty of care: Our clients will be able to immediately opt for the better, faster repatriation solution, in line with the duty of care to patients, and therefore avoid potential litigation over delays in transport or treatment.

Quality: Using the CL-605 will show your clients your commitment to reactivity and your dedication to the highest levels of care to your VIP clients. The improved client satisfaction will be a real boost when contracts are coming up for renewal, and the reputational benefit will help in new tenders.

Capacity: The CL-605 will enable us to carry more patients – with flexible configuration options that includes more patients simultaneously, even those needing intensive care and treatment during the flight.

Shuttle: The new aircraft will allow for shuttle flights to be organised from vacation destinations during holiday season, which isn’t possible with the smaller aircraft.

Space: The additional on-board space means more room for accompanying passengers and luggage (up to four passengers with standard luggage), so avoiding the added cost of flying relatives separately or organising baggage transfers.

Medical options: The CL-605 can also carry additional medical equipment and supplies, and this will mean a speedier repatriation for some patients whose needs can be better met on board, and who may therefore be declared fit to fly sooner than they would be in a smaller aircraft.

EAA’s expert medical and planning teams work closely with clients on all missions – they’ll review the patient’s needs early on and you can be assured that they’ll suggest the more appropriate aircraft for the mission, whether that’s the CL-605 or the smaller LJ45XR.

Why choose EAA as your air ambulance provider?

The new aircraft is the latest in a long list of EAA investments - in our fleet, equipment, staff and headquarters - all designed to improve and enhance the services we offer.

We are experts in international air ambulance repatriation, with more than three decades of experience in aeromedical transport, and we are renowned for medical quality and operational reliability. Our aim always has been and always will be the satisfaction of our clients and the safety of the patients we carry – and with this aircraft we continue to build on our strengths.

Would you like to know more about mission planning and costs?

Please feel free to contact us now to discuss new, enhanced evacuation scenarios for your clients.

We are always happy to look at possible scenarios, involving our different type of aircraft, giving you options that you can present to existing and potential new clients, or that you can use in tenders.

Our teams will work with you to identify the ideal medical evacuation proposal for your specific need - from any location worldwide.

Asking for an evacuation scenario and a quote to go with it is completely free and comes with no obligation - our team from the Control Centre are always happy to help.

Pride in our achievements

At EAA we don’t make grand statements – we simply believe our reputation is well-deserved and we’re proud of our achievements.

We have been working with most large assistance companies for years, and most of our clients have remained loyal to us for decades – having developed close, collaborative, long-term working relationships.

We were named the ITIJ Air Ambulance Company of the Year in 2016 and were voted in the top three worldwide in 2019.

Over the last three years alone, EAA has completed more than 1,750 successful missions in over 150 countries worldwide.

We are ISO 9001-2015 certified and have been a member of the Flight Safety Foundation since 1997.

Our mother company Luxembourg Air Rescue, founded in 1988, has over 33 years of experience in aeromedical repatriations using both rotor-wing and fixed-wing aircraft. LAR operates five rescue helicopters and is the primary rescue organisation for Luxembourg and the surrounding region.

More than 180,000 members in Luxembourg and neighbouring countries put their trust in our organisation to take care of them and bring them home in an emergency.

lease get in touch with any questions, requests, or just if you’d like to know more about our plans. We are always happy to help!

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