Infectious Disease Unit for Ebola/Covid-19 patients & other infections


Infectious Disease Unit - transport of Covid-19 positive patients

European Air Ambulance (EAA) has a dedicated Infectious Diseases Unit which provides high levels of protection to both patient and crew. This enables EAA to safely transport highly infectious patients utilising our specialised equipment and training to do so.

It was designed for use with Ebola patients, but has now been adapted to transport patients with Covid-19.

EAA works with both public and private institutions, providing governments, NGO’s and medical assistance companies with the ability to safely transport patients with conditions that might otherwise endanger the lives of crew and medical staff alike. Our EASA approved IsoPod allows the patient to be kept safe and comfortable for long range transport, without any risk of contact with the accompanying medical team. In this way EAA can provide a standard of MEDEVAC capability more commonly seen in military forces.

Providing this level of MEDEVAC within a civilian sphere follows EAA’s commitment to continue to improve and increase our range of services for clients and partners worldwide. The infectious dieses unit is another illustration of our ability to provide cutting edge aeromedical solutions, 24/7 and across the globe.

IDU equipment and details

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