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Tuesday, April 13, 2021
European Air Ambulance (EAA) Press Releases and News


A flight in an Air Ambulance

Featuring wonderful illustrations by acclaimed street artist Dave The Chimp, “A flight in an Air Ambulance” takes children aged between 2 and 8 years old through the step-by-step process of how European Air Ambulance handles their transportation from hospital in a foreign country to home and full recovery.

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European Air Ambulance and Industry News


Luxembourg - European Air Ambulance (EAA) is the first air ambulance service in Europe to upgrade a Learjet 35 with a Raisbeck ZR Lite kit. Other air-ambulance companies are now following suit.

Designed by Raisbeck Engineering, the ZR Lite Performance System significantly improves the performance of Lear 35 and 36 aircraft during take-off climb and descent as well as while cruising. The technology used in the ZR Lite includes winglets, recontoured trailing edge flaps and wing leading edge vortilons.

Installation of the ZR Lite takes less than a week, minimising disruption to the air-ambulance fleet. Furthermore, by utilising specially designed composite materials, the ZR Lite adds just 32 pounds to the basic operating weight of the aircraft.

The advantages delivered by the ZR Lite kit allows EAA’s LJ 35 to cut fuel consumption by up to ten percent and to use airports with short landing strips – aircraft can take off from runways up to 1,000 feet shorter than before. In addition, high altitude airfields, including many in Africa and South America are made accessible.

Clearly, having more airfields available allows EAA to be closer to patients for pick-up, which can be crucial in optimising time for patient transfers.

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